#01 by rkstbl

Rik (aka rkstbl, Eindhoven,1987) creates colorful illustrations about city life. Inspired by music, food and skate culture, his work is characterized by action and movement.

#01 by rkstbl - @rkstbl


#02 by Wouter van Empel

Wouter van Empel is a freelance illustrator & graphic designer based in Heeswijk-Dinther, the Netherlands. He graduated in graphic design at SintLucas in Boxtel. His main clients are musicians and filmmakers.

Growing up, Wouter became inspired by retro nostalgia and imperfections found in vintage prints, pop art, comics, surrealism and psychedelic art. Wouter loves giving his work a degraded and textured look.

#02 by Wouter van Empel - @woutervanempel


#03 by Maus Bullhorst

Maus Bullhorst (1988) is a Dutch illustrator.

Inspired by stained glass and sci-fi movie posters, Maus Baus creates unusual editorial illustrations for newspapers and magazines in and outside The Netherlands. To him, an illustration is not a literal translation from text to image, but it creates a deeper level.

One of his more famous works "The 7 Sins of Brabant" was inspired by a painting called "The Seven Deadly Sins and the Four Last Things" by Jheronimus Bosch (1450-1516). It was the first time Maus Baus's art set foot in a church. This 7 hatch was commissioned by the province of Brabant to create awareness about our everyday modern sins.

#03 by Maus Bullhorst@mausbaus_com


#04 by TRIKĀ©

Using razor-sharp graphic imagery to create clear and humorous cartoons, illustrations and portraits, Trik's work cuts straight to the heart of the matter and strips news, subjects and people down to the bone. He balances on a self-created line between cartoon and graphic design with an unmistakable preference for pop- and street art. Trik has a reputation for 'sampling' iconic images, which he transforms into sharp-edged new school cartoons and illustrations that sometimes have a soothing effect but, more often than not, their message is disturbing.

#04 by TRIK© - @triknologi


#05 by Lieke Milder

While growing up Lieke Milder was always busy creating, yet it wasn’t until her internship that a real passion started to blossom for the art of animation. After graduating, Lieke explored the world of storytelling creating artworks, illustrations and animations. Lieke’s work is characterized by a comprehensive overall mood and feel and the usage of abstract shapes, so the viewer tends to look a little longer to discover the story behind it. She prefers using images and emotions rather than words to tell a story.

#05 by Lieke Milder - @liekemilder


#06 by ATTAK

"Trends are boring"

ATTAK delivers uncommon and bespoke graphic productions. The work is idea driven and based on subculture ethics. It has strong roots in traditional print and crafts like screen printing, but nevertheless embraces new technology. The studio is established in 2004 and based in Den Bosch. It’s a place where people gather, share, work and deliver an unique approach for each project.

#06 by ATTAK - @attak


#07 by Marleen van de Velde

Marleen’s a designer, illustrator and printmaker. As a designer, she finds herself in a field where art and technology meet. Drawing for Marleen is a moment of rest, a moment of pause. Sometimes she manages to capture the essence with a few fragile lines, other times she pushes herself to the limits of her patience and can get lost in the multitude of details. As a printmaker, she feels the power of each print. Each print is handmade and one-of-a-kind and, as a perfectionist, she embraces the imperfections that arise.

#07 by Marleen - @marleens.studio


#08 by Caitlin Bongers

Caitlin grew up just loving all kinds of crafts. Baking, knitting and most of all: painting. All the different crafts that she has done find a way into her work. Some, such as ceramics, are a big part of her daily life as an artist. With her art she wants to show a cozy world, in which everyone is welcome. She often features different animals interacting and trying to understand each other. Caitlin hopes to inspire a world where we can all be a little kinder to each other.

#08 by Caitlin - @caitlinbongers


#09 by Nik Heemskerk

I am Nik Heemskerk, 30 years old and a graduate of HKU Illustration Department (2018). As an illustrator, I often work on commission. Many of my assignments are posters for theater performances, record sleeve designs, articles and puzzle designs. Clients include “Paradiso Amsterdam”, “Theater Ins Blau”, “Leidsch Dagblad”, “De Morgen”, “Museum de Lakenhal”, “Donald Duck Weekblad” and “Museumdepot”. Within the illustration field, I position myself around the illustrators that fascinate me. Think mainly of old animations, such as “Betty Boop and Felix”, and cartoonists such as Olivier Schrauwen and Osamu Tezuka. In doing so, I am mainly interested in story structure and appeal. In my opinion, the above sources are strong in portraying a compelling visual story on the one hand, but critical on the other. Moreover, the characters are designed in such a way that the viewer can connect, getting empathy for the protagonist, or recognizing oneself in them. This can be through humor, but also using bizarre contradictions, or by employing an attractive or, on the contrary, disruptive aesthetic.

#09 by Nik Heemskerk - @nikheemskerk


#10 by ShiSoH

ShiSoH is an artist-designer with a multicultural background. With her nomadic eyes, she delves into the mundane, observes commonalities and differences between landscapes and cultures. Live sketches are the principal medium used to record her day-to-day personal experience – capturing an atmosphere, gestures, or happenings –all in a vivid, spontaneous way. Led by her curiosity to test diverse techniques and mediums, she has a broad drawing style and material palette which adapts to adequately transcript atmospheric expressivity of each moment she intends to seize. As a wanderer, she pursues the oneirism of liveliness and spontaneity.

#10 by ShiSoH - @shisoh_sketch


#11 by Luc Verschuuren

Luc Verschuuren (1950) is living and working in Brabant, where he’s making comic books and pop art paintings. In 2021 he made a graphic novel about the 125th anniversary of “Willem II”, the historical football club of Tilburg. In 2022 he published “De Kees Kruik Kronieken 1983-2022”, celebrating the 40th anniversary of Tilburg’s most famous comic-character. In November 2023 a second part of these chronicles will be published. For the future, Luc is planning a completely new series of about twenty paintings, which will be shown in galleries in Brabant and abroad in 2025!

#11 by Luc Verschuuren - lucverschuuren.com


#12 by Studio Boot

Studio Boot is a design studio in Den Bosch, the self-proclaimed culture capital of North Brabant. Boot is a studio of brand creators engaged in more than just graphic work. Besides the almost traditional posters, books, house styles and broader campaigns, they make interiors and are involved in the design project Social Label.

#12 by Studio Boot - @studioboot


#13 by Steffie Padmos

A background in art and a fascination for the natural world steered Steffie Padmos towards a master’s degree in Scientific Illustration. Her evolution as an artist is evident as she explores a more contemporary approach that maintains its reverence for scientific subjects. Steffie loves how her work creates opportunities to reveal the aesthetic details of the natural world and hopes to evoke in viewers a deeper appreciation for our planet and its inhabitants. She teams up with clients that have a mission to enlighten their audiences and aim towards a viable future.

#13 by Steffie Padmos - @steffiepadmos_illustrator


#14 by Thomas van Deelen

Thomas van Deelen (1988) is an illustrator living and working in Drunen. He holds a bachelor’s degree in illustration from the Willem de Kooning academy in Rotterdam and a diploma in graphic design from SintLucas in Boxtel. Thomas specializes in ink and watercolor drawings of landscapes, buildings and scenes with a strong sense of mystery. His main inspiration sources are the illustrators from 'the golden age of illustration', traditional architecture, fairytales, world literature and long walks through the forest.

#14 by Thomas van Deelen - @thomasvandeelen_illustration


#15 by Kid KURA

Kid KURA creates surreal worlds, characters and situations that seem to come out of his own imaginative world. He graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy with a major of Illustration, but also completing Graphic Design studies. He is an image maker who mainly focuses on prints, murals, clothing, events and the music and dance world. He has worked for the Hiphophuis, Vice, Ikea, Wobbyclub, Area51, KEVN and Gemeente Eindhoven to name a few. Because of his singular approach and education, he creates a unique experience in all his projects.

#15 by Kid KURA - @kid_kura


#16 by Bob Mollema

Bob Mollema, Bennekom 1990, works as an illustrator, artist, and musician. He works with various parties worldwide, who, like Bob himself, value nature and its relationship to nature. Bob draws inspiration from the imagery of ancient nature religions and mythological motifs. The world of modern art, underground comics, and old packaging materials such as Indian matchboxes or French detergent also inspire him. Because of his wide-ranging interests, he touches on different themes and makes them his own.

#16 by Bob Mollema - @bobmollema


#17 by Daan Snels

Daan Snels is a Dutch 2D animator and Motion Designer with a passion for illustration. Daan started his career with an all-round design internship with his father, where he was introduced to illustration and animation. After completing his bachelor’s degree in Communication & Multimedia Design, he had the freedom to do what he loves most. Now Daan works from his studio in Breda. He thinks animation should be playful and interesting at all times, that’s why he’s always looking for visually appealing images using vibrant colors and simple shapes.

#17 by Daan Snels - @studiosnels


#18 by Autograph | Peter Korsman

Autograph is a studio for typography and design led by founder Peter Korsman and is based in the city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Specialized in creating thoughtful design systems based on (bespoke) typography across multiple platforms for a wide range of local and international clients.

At the basis of everything is the drive to create: (1) Engaging and meaningful work that is both explorative and thorough; (2) A signature visual grammar befitting the assignment; (3) Well-crafted work manifesting the client’s ambitions.

Believe in type as a vehicle for ideas, identity and expression. Autograph was established in 2016 and currently is Peter Korsman (1982), an independent designer since graduating in 2004 from the Royal Art Academy (nowadays called New Design & Attitudes - St.Joost). Influences by and references to cinema, literature, design, architecture, boxing and most of all music can be found in Autograph's work. Peter is a proud father of two girls.

#18 by Autograph - @autograph_


#19 by Spacemambo | Misha Hegeman

Misha Hegeman (Spacemambo) is a Dutch illustrator with a background in graphic design. By staying in touch with her inner child she creates nostalgic pieces with a strong sense of personality.

#19 by Misha Hegeman - @spacemambo


#20 by Wijnand Driessen

Wijnand Driessen is an artist and animation filmmaker based in Eindhoven. Architecture and Hand painted art has always been a base for his work. “I always like to play with light and perspective to create an immersive world you can lose yourself in.” Right now, He is working on a larger series of paintings of Paris and Eindhoven (la ville lumière) which will be exhibited later this year.

#20 by Wijnand Driessen - @wijnand_d


#21 by Lotte Dijkstra

Lotte Dijkstra (1996) graduated from the Utrecht University of the Arts (HKU) in 2020 as an illustrator. Her work is sharp, smart, cheerful, and dark. Cast in an uninhibited, light-hearted style, she creates expressions that often contain images and text. With her fellow human beings as a source of inspiration, her illustrations reflect the times in which we live in a humorous way. Her work regularly appears in newspapers in the Netherlands and in Belgium, such as NRC and De Morgen.

#21 by Lotte Dijkstra - @studio_lot


#22 by Raoul | Studio Turbo

I love to share lighthearted ideas on paper. With my colorful typographic designs or illustrations, I hope to brighten people’s days, even by just a tiny bit. To achieve this, I often throw in a good dose of puns, humor and/or end up twisting people’s expectations. 

#22 by Raoul - @studio_turbo


#23 by Murls

With my work I like to catch the eye of the viewer by creating absurd & unrealistic representations, that are a metaphor for how I see and experience things. I’m Murls, a freelance Dutch illustrator & graphic designer from Tilburg, Noord-Brabant. Nowadays I live and work from Den Bosch. I’m 27 years old and graduated in Communication & Multimedia Design. I love both digital & analogue illustration, printmaking, textures, and I aim to tell stories through the power of an image. I love to create digital work, prints, murals, book covers, branding, diverse commissioned work and get energy from helping people visualize their ideas”.

#23 by Murls - @murlsmurls


#24 by Florian Farhay

Florian Farhay, also known as Florian Verhagen, is an illustrator and animator. As a 90’s kid, he was drawn to drawing from the get-go, creating his first stick figures. After being classically trained at Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, he officially joined the creative industry by co-founding Jagthund Animation Studio. In that fashion, Florian keeps on creating visuals on a daily basis, with a signature style packed with curious characters and magnetic colors.

#24 by Florian Farhay - @florianfarhay


#25 by Straycat

Straycat is a one-man illustration/graphic design studio based in Tilburg. In his work he likes to play around with imagery found in crappy thrifted books. He combines this imagery with all kinds of stuff he finds out on the streets while taking his dog for a walk, putting that stuff underneath the hood of his scanner – aka best friend – and just let things unfold in an intuitive often ‘childish’ way. Blending and glitching things up, the element of surprise and the excitement that comes with it is a key ingredient of every design process he does.

“The element of surprise excites me and . the suggested and evocative – the question marks – fascinate and motivate me. I don't look for anything specific, just utterly curious where the journey of each design process takes me”

#25 by Straycat - @studio_straycat


#26 by Daan van Bommel

Daan is an illustrator based in Breda. His work shows a playful view on loaded topics to open up the conversation between both sides of the problem. Together with his art collective Zut Mon Sac (@zutmonsac) Daan faces the challenges of being a young artist in Brabant and creates events for young creatives.

#26 by Daan van Bommel - @daangenaam


#27 by RojoCoko

RojoCoko is an illustrator and animator from Tilburg. As co-founder of Den Bosch based animation studio Jagthund he loves to fill his days creating psychedelic, dreamy artworks and listening to music.

#27 by RojoCoko - @rojocoko


#28 by Pol Pineut

Pol Pineut (Turnhout - 1985) is an illustrator & visual artist with Belgian/Dutch roots. He started illustrating in his signature style as an uncompromised creative outlet, inspired by personal views on the world around him. Apart from this, Pol established himself as an art director in branding & UX for the past 18 years. Working for design studios as well as freelance for local and global clients.

#28 by Pol Pineut - @polpineut