#24 by Florian Farhay


#24 by Florian Farhay


"Ferry, the Brabant drug kingpin who has stolen the heart of every Brabandter. Bursting onto screens in the Netflix hit series 'Undercover' and its spin-off 'Ferry: The Series'. Portrayed brilliantly by none other than Frank Lammers, who delivers a badass performance as this enigmatic bad guy. Since childhood, I've been drawn to movie villains. From Mojo Jojo to Darth Vader, and from The Joker to Gollum. As an artist, I love illustrating these types of antiheroes. So, it's about time the most huggable criminal from Brabant gets his own poster!".


Available in two formats:

  • A2 (42x59.4 cm), giclée limited edition print (100 pieces)
  • 30x40 cm


Printed on 250gsm satin paper, embossed with "The Brabanter" logo.