#30 by Motzo


#30 by Motzo

“Cycling and Brabant, it’s a heritage”

“The godfather of Dutch cycling, "Den Pel" Kees Pellenaars, who founded a dozen cycling teams, including one featuring Brabanders like Wim van Est, the first Dutchman to wear the yellow jersey. Around him other notable riders including Wout and Rini Wagtmans, who both finished 5th overall in the Tour de France, and Gerrit Schulte, known as "De Bossche Reus," a famous rider during World War II. Adrie van der Poel, a cyclocross champion and monument winner, who is also the father of Mathieu van der Poel. And let's not forget Jeroen Blijlevens, a sprinter who won stages in all the Grand Tours”.


Available in two formats:

  • A2 (42x59.4 cm), giclée limited edition print (100 pieces)
  • 30x40 cm


Printed on 250gsm satin paper, embossed with "The Brabanter" logo.