#18 by Autograph


#18 by Autograph | Peter Korsman

“An Ideal for living / Living for An Ideal” 

“Dom Hans van der Laan was a Dutch Benedictine monk and architect. He was one of the leading figures of the architectural movement De Bossche School. To provide insight into his ideas about proportions he developed various tools, including the Morfotheek (1977). This cover is a 2D rendition of that system.

As a designer, I also like to work with self-set rules and limitations within a system or a grid. Paradoxically this bounded creativity can lead to unconventional and therefore surprising solutions. I find this dialogue interesting, a foundation, yet with room for play.

Van der Laan's spatial thinking and discoveries are unique and his work is studied all over the world. An original thinker unique, 'school' that is rooted in my very own city and is still as relevant as it was back then”.


Limited edition of 100 pieces, numbered by hand

Authenticated with "The Brabanter" embossed logo


A2 (420 x 594 mm)

Giclée print on premium satin paper (250 gsm)