#22 by Raoul | Studio Turbo


#22 by Raoul | Studio Turbo

“Ons Mam”

“‘Ons Mam’ is a very common phrase in Brabant. When people talk about their mum, they often use this phrase, which roughly translates to: ‘Our Mum’. For people outside of Brabant, this can be quite confusing. Whose mum? I used this confusion to my advantage and (ab)used a visual language we all kind of know but are ashamed to admit. Despite any dirty associations this poster might bring up, it is first and foremost a homage to all of our kind and loving mums worldwide. Remember to give her a call today!”.


Available in two formats:

  • A2 (42x59.4 cm), giclée limited edition print (100 pieces)
  • 30x40 cm


Printed on 250gsm satin paper, embossed with "The Brabanter" logo.