#28 by Pol Pineut


#28 by Pol Pineut

“Portret, opgedragen aan Vincent”

“My closest Dutch relatives all live in and around Zundert (also Wernhout and Achtmaal which are part of Zundert), so as a kid I'd go there frequently. Incidentally, one of the most famous (if not, thé most famous) Dutch people in history was born in Zundert. What better way to honor Brabant and one of the greatest artists of all time by reimagining one of Vincent van Gogh's famous self-portraits, bringing together my love for the Netherlands and art in one piece?”.


Available in two formats:

  • A2 (42x59.4 cm), giclée limited edition print (100 pieces)
  • 30x40 cm


Printed on 250gsm satin paper, embossed with "The Brabanter" logo.