#21 by Lotte Dijkstra


#21 by Lotte Dijkstra

“Carnival in Oeteldonk”

“Carnival in Oeteldonk is a special and theatrical affair. It is rich in history and traditions, steeped in symbolism and humor. In my opinion, this can be included on the cultural heritage list. The Oeteldonk carnival has many protagonists, Prince Amadeiro XXVI, D'n Peer, the Stokpèrdjes, Knillis and Hendrien and many more. But carnival is of course mainly about the people who celebrate it, in the kingdom of Prince Amadeiro (Amadeiro is an anagram for 'omdraaie', which is Bosch for turning around), during carnival (the festival of turning around) the citizens become farmers, with farmer Knillis on its pedestal on the market as a great example. Every four years, in the leap year, he is accompanied by his wife Hendrien. But not everyone becomes a farmer in the village of Oeteldonk, s-Hertogenbosch is also the first city you encounter traveling from the North to the South. The Oeteldonk carnival is therefore also mixed with carnival tourism, who also get a portrait in this drawing. Everyone is welcome in Oeteldonk and this cover is an invitation to learn about and celebrate our beautiful and rich tradition”.


Available in two formats:

  • A2 (42x59.4 cm), giclée limited edition print (100 pieces)
  • 30x40 cm


Printed on 250gsm satin paper, embossed with "The Brabanter" logo.