Frequently Asked Questions

Who is "behind" The Brabanter project?

My name is Alessio Meroni (1986), an Italian "expat" settled in Eindhoven in 2017.

While I pursue my engineering career in a large high-tech company in daytime, I run this project as a hobby, with the intent to give back to the community that welcomed me and my family and that we now call home.

I'm passionate about art and illustration and I decided to start this project when I came across The Milaneser, the analogous initiative in the city where I was born.

If you like to know more abour me or my commitments, have a look at the article that ED dedicated to The Brabanter a while ago.


Why is there a chicken on the TB logo?

The TB logo is inspired by the local breedof rooster, which is also called Brabanter. It is known for its friendly temperament and a quite distinctive appearance, featuring a small crest on its head and a V-shaped comb. Its feathers can come in a variety of colors, including black, white, blue and cuckoo. A masterpiece by itself. 


How long will it take to receive my poster?

We print posters on-demand and in batches. We don't hold any stock a part from rare circumstances.

Usually we print a new batch everytime a new poster is published, hence every two weeks. Then, we strive to process the prints the same day, meaning that embossing, authenticating, rolling and packaging all the new posters. The goal is to ship the morning after the print-run.

TLDR; you should get the poster within two weeks from the purchase date.


Where is the poster printed?

Limited edition A2 posters are printed in Noord-Brabant, of course. My partner of choice is Heartwork located in Woensel West, Eindhoven. Nick, the owner, has grown to a friend and makes sure the print files are all in perfect shape and that the outcome is at the best possible standard.

Other variants (e.g. 30x40) are also printed in the Netherlands, outside of Noord-Brabant (for now!).


Is the TB project making use on other local services?

Of course! We strive to promote the artistic community of Noord-Braband, but why not support the province a bit further when possible?

Webshop and hosting are provided by Jouwweb, a super reliable service provider based in the hearth of Eindhoven.

Logistics is arranged through Sendcloud. You can find their offices (and a huge logo) above Eindhoven City hall.


Where can I find A2 frames for my poster?

Heartwork, our printing partner, started his shop as frame artisan. If you want something unique and custom made, do approach Nick with no esitation.

If you are looking for an off-the-shelf product, BGA offers a wide variety of A2 frames, in many colors, materials and glass-types (not a sponsored advice, unfortunately).