The Open Call for “The Brabanter” #001 t/m #006 is live! 💡


We are looking for six illustrators connected to Noord-Brabant, willing to be featured among the first issues of “The Brabanter”.

All the illustrations shall be themed after Brabant’s culture, nature, history, or any other attribute the artist is keen to display. 🎨

In your application, don’t forget to mention:
1. Your story (short bio and artistic path);
2. Links to your previous work (personal website, Instagram page…);
3. Text summary of the aspect of Brabant that you intend to share.

Draft of the collaboration agreement:
1. The artworks will be showcased on “The Brabanter” website and social-media;
2. The artworks will always be clearly (and proudly ❤️) attributed to the respective artists;
3. Artwork prints will be sold through “The Brabanter” and profits shared (artists >50%);
4. The artworks may be displayed in exhibitions and printed in collections.

You can apply or request more information via Instagram, WhatsApp or email.

Deadline: Wednesday, April 12th @ midnight