Welcome to The Brabanter, a fictional magazine that draws inspiration from the iconic cover pages of The New Yorker. While the magazine itself is entirely fictional, the cover pages are very real and inspired by the unique traits of the Noord-Brabant province.

We feature new artists every two weeks, showcasing the artwork digitally and selling it in form of posters. We make sure the artists are fully recognized and promoted, giving them a place to present themselves and their portfolio, and compensating them with the majority of the profits from the poster sale.

When the number of covers will be significant, we will promote the collections and the authors in physical places such as art cafès and exhibitions.

One day we might decide to print and bind the cover pages together with stories and poems from local writers. Then "the magazine that doesn't exist" will become a real thing.

The Brabanter is an independent project who emulates other initiatives worldwide in the mission of promoting their reality through the power of images. Our tributes go to The ParisianerThe Tokyoiter, Le Montrealer, The Shanghairen and The Milaneser.


Brabant is in the stunning medieval architecture and lively cultural scene of 's-Hertogenbosch, framed by natural landscapes of forests, heathlands and wetlands. Brabant is in the picturesque city of Breda, with its charming old town, ideal settings for cultural and music festivals. Brabant is in the artistic and industrial heritage of Tilburg, home for creators and entrepreneurs. Brabant is in the dynamism of Eindhoven cosmopolitan city, capital of design and high-tech, radiating good vibes and shining in the nightlife. Brabant is in all the cities, villages and countryside that approach life with typical brabantse gezelligheid.

We believe in art as powerful mean for storytelling and strive to inspire our readers to explore the area and discover its hidden treasures. We are proud to showcase the talent of artists and invite you to immerse yourself in The Brabanter, discovering the beauty of this vibrant region through their eyes.


Our logo is inspired by the local rooster breed, which is also called Brabanter. It is known for its friendly temperament and a quite distinctive appearance, featuring a small crest on its head and a V-shaped comb. Its feathers can come in a variety of colors, including black, white, blue and cuckoo. A masterpiece by itself.